Among us keyboard controls

among us keyboard controls

Among Us is clearly extremely well known now, and it is somewhat surprising in light of the fact that the actual game is somewhat unpleasant around the edges. There aren’t by and large a great deal in the method of settings that you can use to alter the manner in which the game plays or how you can handle your person. In case you’re thinking about how to more readily use the usable keys in the game, then, at that point, we’ll walk you through what everything does.

In case you are one of the 100s of thousands of individuals out there trying Among Us out, then, at that point, you may wind up experiencing a touch of difficulty learning a portion of the intricate details of the game. Try not to be excessively stressed, you’re in good company, on the grounds that many individuals are rushing to Among Us to try it out and will be similarly just about as lost as you may be.

Among Us is accessible for PC and cell phones at the present time, which means you’ll either be doing a ton of tapping on your screen or console and mouse-ing. You can pull off utilizing your mouse on PC, however assuming you need to truly be razor-sharp, it’s a smart thought to empower the console too. In the event that you are a prepared veteran of the PC, you are possibly acquainted with a ton of the keys as of now, however, some of them may be somewhat unique in relation to what you are utilized to.

All Among us keyboard controls

  • Spacebar / E – Use keys (If the bottom right option is highlighted, these keys will trigger it.)
  • Escape – It will close an open menu
  • Tab – It will Opens map
  • Q – Kills Crewman if it is in your range as Imposter
  • R – Inform dead body
  • W – Up
  • A – Left
  • S – Down
  • D – Right
  • Arrow Keys – Movement
  • Alt + Enter – Toggle screen size
  • Left Mouse Button – Used for minigame and menu interactions

Best Version Of Among Us For You?

The version of Among Us you’ll need to play will be whichever one is most straightforward for you to get and play with. I realize that sounds like a straightforward reply, yet it is actually the case that the “best” adaptation will be profoundly setting subordinate. In the event that you like to mess around at a work area on a PC, you might need to get the PC form for $5.00 on Steam.

Solve the Forager Skull Galaxy Puzzle

On the off chance that you can’t pay for the game, or simply don’t have any desire to, you can download the portable forms free of charge all things considered. Furthermore, on the off chance that you do a large portion of your gaming away from home, either while holding up in the middle of classes or while out traveling, then, at that point, the versatile rendition might wind up being the variant you’ll have the most an ideal opportunity to play in any case.

Do remember that the PC rendition of Among Us has certain components which work on the game in general. Having the option to squeeze buttons without concealing pieces of the screen can be major assistance with regards to watching out for dubious action, albeit this is definitely not a genuine benefit if the view range is adequately low.

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