Tips To Solve Desert Biome Battery Puzzle in Forager In Seconds

forager desert puzzle

Forager has in excess of 15 essential conundrums for us to handle all through the world. By far most of these are by and largely clear, yet to a great extent players basically need to play the game, not settle puzzles!

Tips To Solve the forager desert puzzle

This is a fundamental conundrum and can ordinarily be handled first thing in the game. You might have seen that one typical example all through the Desert Biome is that you as frequently as conceivable use lightning and force. This enigma is no exception! There is an unmistakable strategy to tending to this conundrum and getting the prize.

forager desert puzzle

As you can discover in the photos above, you can use any lightning source to address this enigma. A couple of cases of this are the Thunder Rod, Storm Rod (Upgraded Thunder Rod), or a Thunderstruck Potion. Approach the Battery with the Thunderstruck effect furnished or hit it with the Thunder/Storm Rod to complete the puzzle!

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