Enter The Gungeon Console Commands & Cheats

Enter The Gungeon Console Commands

Enter the Gungeon’s is a roguelike that arrangements in unashamed, pixelated, and dangerous activity. Its procedurally created levels toss traps and testing rivals your direction, its battles covered in a layer of slug damnation components. As you presumably expect, things can rapidly get overpowering, which is when control center orders and cheats can act the hero.

Enter the Gungeon’s control center orders and cheats are additional instruments to extract an additional piece of fun from runs, effectively giving your person cool stuff or immunity consistently, yet in addition allowing you to get sweet retribution on that particular kind of adversary you especially disdain.

Empowering console orders in entering the Gungeon is done through a mod called Mod the Gungeon. After you’ve downloaded and introduced it, essentially press tilde (‘) to raise the control center while in-game, then, at that point, input any of the cheats from the rundown underneath.

godmodeIt is used to enables or disable the god mode.
test skiplevel
It will take you to the next floor.
stat set session
Change and saves the number of points in the statistics item
characterIt will set a specified character as your active one
stat setIt will help you to change and save the number of points in the statistics item
stat listIf you don’t know any specific command use this command it will display all the statistics items
state modAdd points to any stat item with the help of this command
stat getIt displays the item statistics
conf enable_achievements
It will give you the ability to get achievements
conf enable_damage_indicatorWith this command check, how much the enemy has been damaged by the player.
conf close_console_on_commandIt will close the console after entering a command.
roll speed
Adjust roll speed
roll distance
Adjust Roll Distance
give casing
Get a specified number of cases
give all activesAccess All active items in the game
give all passivesIt will give you all the passive items
give all guns It will give you all the weapons
give allIt will give you all the items and weapons
helpIt will display help portal
exitIt will close the console
screenshakePut the screen shake to the particular value.
tpThe teleport command will teleport you to the specified coordinates.
character swapNeed an alternative skin, use it.
clearClear entire console in just one command
spawnIt creates the specified enemy
spawn chestIt will create the specified chest
Spawns Spawns every possible creature
giveGives specified number of specified item

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