How to Complete ferris bueller day off challenge bitlife – Complete Guides

ferris bueller day off challenge bitlife

There are thousands of challenges available on bitlife. The most interesting and latest challenge that everyone wishes to complete these days is the Ferris Bueller challenge.

Dissimilar to most assignments it is brimming with secret necessities, and here you’ll find what every one of the objectives are so you can finish the Ferris Bueller challenge in BitLife before it is supplanted.

There have been targets before in BitLife and these are week-by-week events. Earlier provokes range from killing your administrator to being associated with a groupie, in the interim, there have been ones named after notorious movies before like Forest Gump.

The undertakings for this test are covered up, yet based on some Wikipedia exploration of Ferris Bueller, we have found each of the hints you need to know to finish it!


There are some requirements you should look to complete the Ferris Bueller challenge in BitLife

  • Choose a male character born in the United States, Chicago
  • Skip at least one day of school
  • Insult the school/colleage principal and get suspended
  • Date a hot girl from your class
  • Snatch a car

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