How to defeat the eighth boss in Praey for the Gods – The Aldrnari?

How to defeat the eighth boss in Praey for the Gods – The Aldrnari?

The Aldrnari is the eighth and last director of Praey for the Gods. This is a multi-part fight, so settle in for the significant length. You will take on a couple of fire beasts and a flying winged snake all through the fight. Guarantee you have bountiful of gets, recovering things, and supplies preceding starting this fight.

How to defeat the eighth boss in Praey for the Gods – The Aldrnari?

For the chief fire beast, you should shoot shining sigils on its body. These are arranged on the two shoulders and head. Take these out independently with the sparkling unit cannons on the ground. Expecting you miss, they require quite a while to respond. Keep away from its sled attack, which will similarly make magma on the ground.

At the point when you defeat it, activate the circles and climb its body to the accompanying beast. Use a comparable technique for the second fire goliath. While pointing, this goliath will move around more than the first so attempt to orchestrate your shots. Its sigils are arranged on its knee, shoulder, and head. Defeat this one and climb it like the previous beast.

The third beast is somewhat truly testing. The legendary monster zipping around will start shooting fireballs which have a minimal indication of where they will land. Pay special attention to the lasers as you move too. Shoot this beast in the hand, chest, and go to defeat it. With that done, you can progress toward the most noteworthy mark of its remains and battle the winged snake.

You should bounce off and skim to the legendary monster. If you miss it, air vents will bring you back up. Zero in on its neck; this is the essential ring region. Sanction the three circles to make the toll appear. At the point when it does, strike it on various occasions.

The resulting ringer is tracked down for the most part down its back. You ought to activate two circles and move to the ringer’s region. Follow the stone as it appears to find it Strike the toll on different occasions and forge ahead.

The third toll is near the establishment of the creature. Go over the means for the resulting ring and strike this one three times once it appears. This will trigger a cutscene.

Advance back to the creature’s head and get along with the goliath wolf. Get on its back, and it will walk you to the most noteworthy place of the creature’s head and the last ringer. Strike this one three times to beat The Aldrnari and trigger another cutscene.