How To escape bitlife prison 8×8

bitlife prison escape 8x8

Hi, Today I will tell you how to bitlife prison escape 8×8 and how to escape.

So there are many prisons available on the Bitlife guide and all the prisons have some unique Escape systems and strategies so in this post we are covering all strategies.

All Bitlife prison escape 8×8 Strategies

The 8×8 high-security jail is undeniably challenging to get away however don’t stress it pretty basic after you attempt those means displayed in the video and effectively get away from the jail.

You can undoubtedly Scape the 8×8 Using Some basic stunt which is displayed down beneath the video follow the means and you can undoubtedly get away from the high-security jail with no issue.

Some Prison Need Some Practice To Escape So Keep Doing Until You Scape That Prison Successfully.All

All Strategies Are Shown Below:


Q1. How Can you easily Escape Bitlife Prison?

You can escape from prison by following the above strategies. you need to comprehend the legitimate methodology and track each snapshot of the watchman to be cautious from the gatekeeper and sagaciously move to escape your bitlife jail.

Q2. How to Escape From High Alert Security Prison in Bitlife?

You can escape from high alert security prison but you need a lot of practice as well as proper strategies for this.

Q3. When Bitlife Simulator Launch officially?

The Official Launch date is 29 September 2018.

Q4. Is Bitlife is an adult Age Game?

Yes, it is a 17+ game. And it is a basic rule to join the Bitlife simulator. Due to some unsafe content it is also not best for users under 17.

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