How to get a unicorn in adopt me

How to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox

Adopt Me is a family-accommodating Roblox game that permits you to adopt and raise pets, dress them up, improve your own home, and play with your companions. Among the wide range of sorts of pets that you can get, the Unicorn is one of the most pursued, so in this aide, we will tell you the best way to get one.


Unicorns can incubate from the following eggs, albeit the shot at getting one is quite low.

  • Broken Egg – 1.5 percent possibility – costs $350
  • Pet Egg – 3% possibility – costs $600
  • Illustrious Eggs – 8% possibility – costs $1450

While $1450 may appear to be a great deal, it merits attempting to get the Royal Eggs for that expanded shot at getting the Unicorn.

Daily Log In Rewards

You can get a Golden Unicorn from Golden Eggs that are acquired as everyday login rewards. Signing in every day will acquire you Star Rewards that you can ultimately use to get a Golden Egg, and possibly, a Golden Unicorn.


It’s an extremely slim likelihood, yet Youtubers and Streamers can frequently wager giveaways, so discover some Adopt Me content makers and watch out for their channels to check whether they are each parting with one.


You can exchange with different players, yet you ought to just at any point do this in the in-game exchange visit, as the designers caution that no other exchanging framework is formally upheld by the game. Ensure you don’t utilize any external exchanging framework, and just at any point exchange for in-game things, not genuine cash.