How to get the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22?

How to get the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22?

The Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 can be procured in both MyCareer and MyTeam. To procure the Fire Ball in MyCareer, your player should dominate 10 Park matches in succession. To procure the Fire Ball in MyTeam, you should open all lower-level b-balls to open it.

How to get the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22?

MyCareer Fire Ball
Dominating 10 Park Matches is no simple errand, yet assuming your group can dominate every one of those matches, the ball will get on fire going and a declaration will be made to the whole Park that your group is on a hot streak. Be cautious, players might run to your court to bring you down or even get an opportunity to play with the Fire Ball. Tragically, the Fire Ball in MyCareer isn’t super durable, so it is most certainly an uncommon sight to find in the Park.

The MyTeam Fire Ball is extremely durable then again and is genuinely hard to open too. You should open each level of the b-ball cards in MyTeam, which incorporates five Bronze-level balls, 11 Silver-level balls, and 10 Gold-level balls. Gathering these b-balls can be tedious, however, they can likewise be bought from the Auction House at modest costs.

When all the bronze, silver, and gold level balls are gathered, you should likewise gather all of the prize balls. Altogether, to open the FIre Ball, you should gather the Holographic, Vintage, Beach, Pink Diamond, Diamond, and Amethyst Ball. This is the way to open each of these.

Holographic Ball — Collect 10 of every Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Token Reward player.
Vintage Ball — Collect all East Conference Balls
Inflatable Ball — Collect all West Conference Balls
Pink Diamond Ball — Collect 5 Pink Diamond Token Reward Players
Jewel Ball — Collect 5 Diamond Token Reward Players
Amethyst Ball — Collect 5 Amethyst Token Reward Players
When those are completely gathered, you will open the Fire Ball, which can be utilized in any MyTeam game and has an interesting activity of fire following the ball and place it goes. The ball looks basically the same as NBA 2K21’s Fire Ball, however this year, the Fire Ball should be gathered to procure a much higher-level ball.

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