How to unlock additional equipment slots in Loop Hero?

How to unlock additional equipment slots in Loop Hero?

To open additional stuff spaces in Loop Hero, players should open the Arsenal by building the Intel Center and the smithy. Taking everything into account, you will require the go with resources to build the smithy in Loop Hero.

How to unlock additional equipment slots in Loop Hero?

2 Stable Wood
4 Preserved Rock
7 Stable Rock
2 Food Supply
Close by the resources above, you ought to collect an outdoor fire, which costs one Stable Wood and Preserved Rock. Regardless, to build the Intel Center, you ought to gather the Supply Depot with the resources recorded under.
9 Stable wood
17 Stable Metal
9 Food Supply
3 Metamorphosis

The Supply Depot will in like manner require the Gymnasium, which is worked with the going with resources.

5 Stable Wood
3 Preserved Rock
6 Stable Metal
1 Metamorphosis
At the point when the Supply Depot has been built, you would then have the option to forge ahead to building the Intel center you need with the going with resources.
12 Stable Wood
15 Stable Metal
17 Food Supply
3 Metamorphosis
Later you build the requirements in general, you will open the Arsenal, which will give you additional stuff spaces. This stuff space will similarly move between classes.

Contender: Helmet Slot
Rouge: Amulet Slot
Entertainer Shield Slot
Getting the Arsenal will in like manner have an unfriendly result of dropping the idea of all dropped things by 15%. Luckily, these fundamental impacts dropped things, and the things you have arranged are not affected.

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