Roblox Bedwars Codes – Complete Command Lists

roblox bedwars codes

Roblox Bedwars is a well known Roblox Game that follows the bedwards game repairman where you gather assets and moves up to safeguard your bed and annihilate your rivals’ beds. As of late, the designers of this Roblox game added a few new orders to the custom match mode that can permit you to tweak the game and make it pretty much troublesome.

In the rundown underneath, we give the full rundown of orders right now accessible in the game and a fast once-over of what they do. This is anything but a broad rundown, yet we anticipate that it should change as the designers keep on dealing with the game!

Command SyntaxDescription
/setDeathmatchTime XXSets the time until the deathmatch commencement starts.
Supplant XX with the quantity of seconds to stand by before the deathmatch clock begins.
/kick UserNameSupplant UserName with the client name of the player you’d prefer to kick from the match.
Should utilize the client’s genuine User Name and not their Display Name.
/setGeneratorMultiplier XXSets the multiplier produce rate for asset generators.
Supplant XX with a number over zero to set the generate rate. The lower the number, the
/hubQuicker it generates! (.00001 makes it generate a lot quicker than 1000)
Returns you to the entryway center point.

That is every one of the orders accessible in the game up until now. Make sure to utilize the legitimate capitalization and sentence structure precisely as it’s recorded previously!